Heather Donaldson, is a skilled, compassionate, and dedicated holistic health promoter. With over thirty years of holistic health promotion practice, she helps clients move from troubled relationships to loving, easeful, inspiring and joyful ones.

She connects powerfully through her books, online videos, group programs, live seminars, and private SKYPE or telephone sessions using her unique 'RootsEFT' (Emotional Freedom Technique) program Heather has always been drawn to all things 'natural'; Accordingly she strives to balance productive time with restorative time.

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Reviewer Notes: This book delves into EFT (emotional freedom technique). I had heard of it before, but this book really convinced me of its merits and I can't wait to get started with it. If you are constantly wondering why you can't meet any quality people in your life, then you should definitely read this book. It isn't about them, it is about you. The good news is that you can start anew, be the person you were always meant to be and have those quality, deep, meaningful relationships you always dreamed of. Highly recommend!

by Skai Stevenson M.D.

I am a country family doctor and after reading Heather Donaldson's "How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship", I can see myself recommending this book to many of the patients I see.

Being a practitioner of Western Medicine, I approach problems of the body much like a mechanic fixing a car. I address the worn out parts but not so much the root cause, which often has to do with the driver and how they drive their body. When people don't know how to process painful emotions they sometimes end up with poor nutrition, alcohol and other drug use or seeking relationships to ease the pain of not having a loving relationship with themselves. Western medicine is rather limited in dealing with these root problems. So they see their patients ending up with breakdowns, breakups and accidents; Broken parts and broken hearts.

"How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship" deals with these problems of how the driver, the patient, relates to their self and consequently how they relate to others. It's about growing in love with themselves so they can love others. The book makes use of Emotional Freedom Technique which helps to free one's self from the prison of destructive painful feelings. The book uses the analogy of a person's underlying psyche being a garden and excessive negative emotions being weeds that wreak havoc with the flowers, the vegetables and fruits that one tries to grow in their inner garden. The analogy expands to describe a relationship between two people as being a garden with two gardeners who can bring their knowledge of their own, now healthy garden,[with the aid of EFT], to create a truly wonderful, beautiful and nurturing joint garden. This book can help patients be better drivers of their bodies and require the talents of the body mechanic, the doctor, less often.

Grow your ultimate best relationship instead of settling for less Get your relationship out of the "weeds" and let it "blossom"

This book helps anyone who wants a simple system to improve their relationships, incorporating the 'best of the best' advice. Its unique advantage is that it integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is now becoming recognized as the most effective means to deal with relationship and personal stress.

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